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Hello! Welcome to AWJ IT. We are a forward-thinking Newmarket based IT consultancy company working with businesses of all sizes. Taking advantage of the latest innovations, we can provide you with secure remote IT support, upgrade your computer systems with the latest hardware or even securely host a website or business application.

To give you an idea of what we can do for you why not have a look at our services, or give us a ring on 01638 311566 to talk about your requirements today!

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Security and innovation is the forefront of our business

Secure web and email hosting

Thousands of attacks are occurring against websites every day. Hacked websites can destroy your organisation’s reputation in a matter of hours. We don’t just deploy measures to prevent attacks, we preemptively stop attacks in real-time. Our customer’s websites and emails are based on systems containing the latest security innovations. Our systems will preemptively stop attacks against your website.

With free backup restores, frequent malware scans and superior unparalleled support from technical engineers, you can be rest assured your business is safe with us.

Cloud solutions without cutting corners

Disaster can strike at any moment. Whether it be a natural disaster, data loss or a malicious attack, it can have a catastrophic effect on any business. Your cloud solution can be built to withstand most major events, with our incident response team standing by 24/7 to deal with the rest.

With your data regularly backed up, encrypted and secured with superior security as standard, you can be rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Knowledgeable IT support technicians

With a world which relies on computer systems, we understand how frustrating it can be when a computer system is not operating correctly. Whether you require a new computer or repairs to an existing system, our knowledgeable and helpful IT technicians will be happy to assist you.

Most of our support can be completed remotely, cutting out call out costs and leaving you with a cheaper, more affordable support service.

Let’s talk!

Most of our solutions are designed to adapt to the needs of your business. Whether you require IT support, a cloud solution or web and email hosting, chat with us and find out how we can help you. Call us today on 01638 311566 or you can get in touch via our contact form to arrange a date and time!